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  1. Hi again Fernando tnx for your fast replay. my problem has been solved. thank you very much. before i was put the legacy USB option on AUTO.with your advice i switched it to ENABLE and my keyboard is working in XP menu setup without that message. well done bor.
  2. Hi Fernando i always slipstream XP CD with SATA drivers for intel and AMD chipsets without any problem. i had slipstream XP CD as you mentioned in the past post's. but unfurtunately i face this massage before i could rich my hard disk to install XP. (attached pic). in this section display is seems to be freezing! my keyboard is not working.and i can not change any option.even my ENTER key or F3 is not working. by the way my mouse and keyboard is wireless and has been connected to my mainboard by usb pen. my mainboard is ASUS P8Z68-V PRO. tnx bro.