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  1. this program (javascript slideshow maker): http://www.magichtml.com/javascriptslideshow/index.html formated my disc. How do I restore my files? They are important images that I need to upload to a sports club website.
  2. 3 now actually: 1.SOPA 2.PIPA 3.ACTA I suggest taking a look at these, they have some good information: http://www.forums.yoyogames.com/topics/74079?forum_id=3&page=7#posts-934986 http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=529535&st=0
  3. so wikipedia will be shut down for 24 hours in protest against new laws which will restrict use of the internet, you may say: "who cares" but these new laws will actually restrict use of copyrighted material and ip addresses in mplay games. Here is the page: http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/English_Wikipedia_anti-SOPA_blackout YOU MUST TELL EVERYONE!!! IT IS IMPORTANT!!! Also anonymous may be about to show their faces again This will not only affect america but other countries as websites that do not abide with this law will be taken down
  4. well I can answer them for you! 1.spoon 2.car 3.hammer 3.bed 4.dishwasher say you made a piece of artwork and wanted to save it to show your friend when you go to their house which picture format would you use?
  5. well which is your favorite file type for the above?
  6. aero does work on my pc, but sometimes these kinda things glitch like yesterday my standard theme merged with aero
  7. a custom made (by toshiba ) mobile intel ® series express chipset family
  8. I do update! B)
  9. well, yeah, I have recently found windows 7 to be quite glitchy. For example the windows 2000 style glitch, the pc goes kind of windows 2000/ safe mode style: , the photo drag glitch where the photo you are dragging stays on the screen until next boot and the flashy glitch where all the graphics(start button, text, etc) flash in and out (disappear and come back)
  10. Yeah, nintendo make good stuff, and think very well about it, my problem is mainly with the XBOX but this also applies to the PS3 and PSP
  11. Well recently I have found that game consoles are turning into pc's, they can do too much stuff, and this means that they (the game console companies) are not concentrating much on the game side of the console, when they do this problems like overheating happen more often. Personally I think they should make a sort of PS2 with upgrading graphics, sound and add profiles. Yeah, I still have (and love) my PS2!
  12. I am making folder icons for fun, here is what I have made so far: hope you like them
  13. Thank you
  14. jaclaz thanks it is working now.
  15. You can try like this: @echo off echo HELP CHOICE /C YN /M "Help him" IF %ERRORLEVEL%==2 goto :exit IF %ERRORLEVEL%==1 goto :save : save echo thank you pause echo you got 10 points set points=10 pause :exit does not work, my current code: echo help me cd C:\ cd %userprofile% CHOICE /C YN /M "would you like to help him?" IF %errorlevel%==1 echo thank you, here is ten coins for your help echo you got ten coins set %coins%=10 pause : save still getting the error, here is my current code echo help me cd C:\ cd %userprofile% CHOICE /C YN /M "would you like to help him?" IF %errorlevel%==1( echo thank you, here is ten coins for your help echo you got ten coins set coins=10 pause : save)