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  1. laddanator thank you so much! I would have never thought about simply skipping step 2. I thought all steps are required for the installation to work. I've installed XP without any problem simply by skipping step 2. Once again thank you very very much!
  2. Hi I have a problem. I've tried to install xp on a laptop. I pass step 1 without any problems whatsoever. As soon as I hit enter to start step 2 however this pops up: Booting Second part of 2000/XP/2003 setup / Boot first internal hard disk 2 (HEX :0x2) 2 (HEX :0x2) 2 (HEX :0x2) 2 (HEX :0x2) 2 (HEX :0x2) 2 (HEX :0x2) 2 (HEX :0x2) What to do?