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  1. Maybe this post about xpize 5.6: belongs here since no one has replied to it.
  2. Windows XP Pro SP3 32 bit up to date XPize ver 5 rel 6 full install no East Asian languages I did a default full install of XPize 5R6 and just left my PC running for an hour and a half to make sure all the icons, bitmaps, avi's, etc. were changed. I think XPize is really cool and like the changes. I found out about XPize on, where the look of the post-install Control Panel Date and Time window is shown in the first attachment. However, my Date and Time window looks like the orginal Microsoft panel, i.e., like the second attachment. Other control panel windows, such as system information, changed to the Post-XPize version. Why didn't my Date and Time panel get changed by XPize? TIA.