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  1. Hard drive is now fixed and operational To fix the LED:000000CE FAddr:00280569 error i got i just waited about 30 secs before pressing enter after typing Z in step 3: As for what went wrong in the first place: After screwing the PCB back and attempting this step i noticed that after pressing CTRL+Z hyperterminal returned to the F3 T prompt not the F3 2 one. I don't know if that is what is supposed to happen, since i' m a total newbie in using hyperterminal, but the direct guide here isn't very clear on that.So i just typed /2 again and that took me to the F3 2 prompt. After that i followed the rest of the instructions. I used the motor contacts method. I just removed the screw on the motor contacts and isolated them using a small paper card. The cable i used was this one, in case anyone in the EU can't find a working cable. Installed and worked perfectly under windows 7. I also used a small breadboard and some male-male and female-female jumpers to connect everything together. I only had to remove the small plastic bit on the end of the female-female jumpers because it wouldn't fit inside the small space where the hard drive sata pins are. I then covered the metal bits with some plastic tape for insulation. Once again thanks everyone involved in making this thread and this guide!
  2. Hello everyone and thank you all involved in this excellent guide After some time i found the courage to attempt to fix my 750Gb Seagate Barraccuda 7200.11. I determined that i had the BSY error, since my drive wouldn't show up at BIOS. Following Gradius direct guide here everything went smoothly until this part after tightening the screw of the PCB Instead of getting the spin up result i got LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF67 I restarted the procedure but now in step 3 when i type instead of getting the spin down result as it happened the 1st time i get LED:000000CE FAddr:00280569So what went wrong? I tried restarting the procedure multiple times but i always get the LED:000000CE FAddr:00280569 at the same step.