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  1. Just tried the suggestion. Prompt never returned. Waiting just short of an hour now for it to finish. Its ok though. I have 2 1 Gig drives and they have the same exact contents. I mirror them then break the mirror after backups. So if I super-brick one of them there is still the other.
  2. Just checking to see if there are updates to the Unknown Diag Cmd Failure 12CC4 issue. Like a handful of others in this thread I receive that message after executing the 'N1' command. I also receive it if I '/C' and then 'Q' to get the list of commands. And, like the others with the same issue, I've followed the instructions explicitly and verified that it is SD15 firmware. I have two of the 1Gig models and both were purchased from Best Buy and were boxed for retail. However, the label on the drives say manufactured by Seagate for OEM distribution. Hmmm.... Thanks in advance.