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  1. A agree with you. It's for both Operating Systems. So after getting everything up and running: In AHCI mode: The SATA optical drive seems to work fine for reading; It does NOT work for writing, or for burning lightscribe labels. In IDE mode the SATA optical drive works fine reading and writing and burning labels. Unfortunately I cannot have my HDD's @ AHCI while the optical drive is @ IDE mode...so yes, I bought the SATA optical drive for nothing, now have to buy a PATA drive and install a IDE pci card...unless anyone knows of a SATA lightscribe dive that burns ok in AHCI mode?
  2. Thanks Fernando! However now I can't seem to get nLite to work... Requires .net 2 framework or higher? I've got .net 4... Can't start program... .net framework error says can't find a runtime...? Update: Hey! I figured it out...was missing an update for .net 3.5...now program starts! Thanks anyways!
  3. I also cannot get nLite to start... .net framework error says cannot find the runtime... I have .net framework 4 so I figured that would work...? Server 2003 SP2... Hey! I figured it out...was missing an update for .net 3.5...now program starts! Thanks anyways!
  4. OK, so maybe I'm worried for nothing...optical drive might be OK with AHCI...I guess I'll just have to try and see... regarding: Intel chipset device INF files set v9.2.3.1022 WHQL for XP integration.rar Is this only for XP or also Server 2003? Thanks!
  5. 3. Additional advice for the later OS installation:•Make sure, that the CD/DVD device where you want to boot off your nLited CD, is not connected to any of the Intel S-ATA ports. Optical drives generally have problems with the enabled AHCI or RAID mode. Solution: Connect the optical drive to another available S-ATA port (for example with JMicron Controller), which is running in IDE mode. Alternatively you may replace your S-ATA CD/DVD device by an IDE connected one. Hello, thanks so much for being so helpful! I am trying to build a new system, an thought I could just follow your guide, until I got to the above quote...please help: I have: Asus P8P67 LE mobo this has: (Intel) 4 x SATA 3Gb/s ports 2 x SATA 6Gb/s ports (Marvell) 1 x SATA 6Gb/s port (specifies cannot be used for optical drive) 1 x UltraDMA 133/100/66 I have: SATA optical drive SATA HDD Server 2003 (ready to nLite/slipstream SP2 and AHCI drivers ver. I thought I was all set to install until I got to your quote above...now what? Is it possible to enable AHCI on only some of the ports, or is it all or nothing? Please don't tell me I bought the SATA optical drive for nothing...?