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  1. Hi i am using this useful program from Windows 8, but in the version ++ 2.0.1 for windows 10 i see the colors aren't same for istance in the default Windows 10 Theme the menu and app bar was darker Blue, now it's lighter, to correct the problem i need to do the menu trasparent. can you reset as first i loved it
  2. Hi i am happy customer of StartIsBack, now i am testing the new Plus version, and i have integrated in unattend DVD, i noted when installation ends, the left menu contains all installed applications. It's possible avoid it?
  3. Hi i totally love your program but miss only a thing to be perfect, you need to add silent/unattend switch so i can make a DVD that kill metro first to see it Please do it fast
  4. if you are thinking about normal preinstallation with unattend.xml i did it normally but the theme is deletable. i need to obtain as default themes. u go with mouse on and if u push right button nothing must happen.
  5. Hi all, i am trying to preinstall a Windows 7 with some added themes, but i note that if you go on personalization and select one of this themes you can easyly delete it. i'd like to realize a scenario like defult themes, infact you cannot delete the basic themes. Note: i have a sony vaio computer that after recovery shoes 5 themes installed not removable too Can somebody show me how do it? thanks in advance Giovanni.