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  1. Hi guys. i am trying to install windows xpx86 sp3 with AHCI drivers on my Lenovo IdeaCentre H410 desktop. I followed this guide procedure for the ICH7-R chipset, but it didnt worked. If i check in device manager it still shows IDE. also, on my BIOS i only have SATA enable/disable option. No ide/ahci options. this is the link for the drivers of the H410 desktop http://consumersupport.lenovo.com/us/en/DriversDownloads/drivers_list.aspx?CategoryID=476626 with my desktop i received a cd for windows7 drivers. I purchased my unit without OS. p.s. if i install my untouched OS, the instalation goes well. my hardisk is recognize with no problems. Only that i dont have AHCI activated. hope for some feedback...