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  1. WinPE 2.0 GimageX COM based HTA

    This works for me. You can spin off a new thread using settimeout and a fake popup (options flag 7 means popup never displays). Its not 100% live but will do a decent progress bar. The underlying API seems to hang at 99% - 0 sec for about a min while it finalizes the WIM and closes the file so there is no way around that. I just wish I could use browseforfolder without having to write my own autoit script. See relevent code snippits below, This does not work as is, you have to work it into you existing code. <style> #progresstodo{background-color: blue; color: blue;} #progressdone{background-color: green; color: green;} #progresstext{font-size: x-small;} </style> <script> Dim objShell Dim idTimer Sub Window_OnLoad Self.Focus() progressdone.InnerHTML = String(0, "_") progresstodo.InnerHTML = String(25, "_") window.offscreenBuffering = True Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") End Sub Sub Windows_OnBeforeUnload Set objShell = Nothing End Sub Sub objWIM_Progress(Percent, TimeRemaining) progressdone.InnerHTML = String(Fix(Percent/4), "_") progresstodo.InnerHTML = String(Fix(25 - (Percent/4)), "_") & "|" progresstext.InnerHTML = Percent & "% - " & TimeRemaining & " sec(s)" objShell.Popup Percent & "% - " & TimeRemaining & " sec(s)", 1, "Progress", 7 idTimer = window.setTimeout("subUpdateProgress Percent, TimeRemaining", 1000, "VBScript") End Sub Sub subUpdateProgress(Percent, TimeRemaining) window.clearTimeout(idTimer) End Sub </script> <body> <span id="progressdone"></span><span id="progresstodo"></span> <div id="progresstext"></div> </body>