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  1. Wimb , thanks for your help. Here is what I need. I need to use USB to instal two different versions of Windows XP pro, and All In One Windows 7. I managed to solve problem with copyng GLRDL file by downloading the latest RMPrepUSB program Now, If I format the drive using NTFS file system, I get error while booting from usb "Cannot find GRLDR" (or something). If I format the flash driver using FAT, everything is OK. I need NTFS because it is faster and one of my ISO's is 4 GB large. Can I use BOOT_USB that you suggested to install multiple version of Windows? After all of this, I would like to add portable versions of Windows XP and Win7, BootCD and UBCD. Is all this possible on one USB flash disk? Thanks for your anwser in advance
  2. OK, so I managed to find the tutorial to install both windows, but I have problem installing grub4dos. Every time i get error tha it cant copy the GRDL file to USB. "Error: Grldr failed to copy to USB drive G:! File not found" I have followed the steps shown here:
  3. What is the procedure putting two type windows XP installation on one USB? Is it possible to have two Windows XP versions?