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  1. Why? Although its a server, I will use it more or less as big HD which I want to have in use within seconds (like a NAS). Of course I am using the server features as well - but this my second interest only.
  2. I have a Windows home Server 2011 in use, everything is perfect up to One issue. While waking up the system from Sleep or Hibernate the 4 HDD linked to my RAID Controller do Not start. Before I am going to take a trace from the statrup phase I would like to know if there is any chance to influence the timing of the starting process of Windows. I am asking this because I noticed in the Windows Error logbooks already the reason for my problem: my pc is to fast, the RAID Controller is Not ready in time, so Windows is deciding to start the driver but not to show the HDD in the windows Explorer. What can I so?