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  1. Not much of a rap fan, but I like Eminem. Buy it dude.
  2. Rob is the man.
  3. Once you've used it for a while and gotten past the learning curve Photoshop rules.
  4. As a big fan of Kevin Smith's movies, I'm not sure even J-Lo and Affleck can **** up the new one. He hasn't made a bad picture yet.
  5. Without a doubt, WinRAR.
  6. Have to agree on FF VII, best RPG of all time at least.
  7. 31 here. Feel 50 though.
  8. I can't justify having to pay to play a game I just bought outright.
  9. Led Zeppelin :afro:
  10. The native 32 bit support on AMD's 64 bit chips will win the day.
  11. Wow, I think that about covers it, you da man. Thanx.
  12. Has anyone covered how to add harddrive controler drivers when setup asks for them? Can a silent install be interupted to do this and restarted?
  13. Performace per dollar AMD beats the pants off Intel. But yeah the heat issue is a problem.
  14. I guess I need to get a life. 10-12 hours a day.
  15. Loved the movies, haven't read the books as of yet. Maybe it's a good time to start.