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  1. I have a problem with Adobe Reader, Swedish version. It does not simply install from my INSTALL.CMD, called from CMDLINES.TXT in the $OEM$ library Everything else in INSTALL.CMD works properly, and Adobe even installs when run from my XPCD\$OEM$\ by double-clicking on the file, and when the command is executed from the prompt. But INSTALL.CMD runs the Adobe installation for maybe three seconds and then goes on with the other applications. I have decided to stick to CMDLINES.TXT because this seems to be the best method when you want to have everything in the Default User profile. All the relevant files are in the attached ZIP to save screen space. Please note that some of the keys and Windows parameters are in Swedish. "Skrivbord" means Desktop, for instance. By the way: The default Theme doesen't load, but that is far less important than getting the time-consuming installations to work... The WinZip parameter lapsus is corrected and works fine. Forget it...