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  1. I am having difficulty properly configuring the RunOnce commands. I deploy a master sysprepped Windows XP Pro SP3 WIM image to multiple clients using WinPE, and sometimes I would like to add an additional reboot after the initial logon. I've added a registry add command to either the HKLM or HKCU hives (\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce /v launch /t REG_SZ /d "C:\Start\Launch.cmd final") as one of the final Sysprep.INF GUIRunOnce commands . If I add it to the HKLM hive, the RunOnce command launches after reboot, but other autostart (run) applications are held up waiting for the routine to complete, which is undesireable. If I add the command instead to the HKCU hive, then the new RunOnce command attempts to launch immediately after added and prior to the next reboot/logon unless I follow it with a shutdown command, which appears to interrupt the immediate launching. I am using the latter method for now, but dislike the behavior. Can anyone explain this behavior or perhaps offer a solution?