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  1. Sorry, I forgot that they had ruined Magician, I'm on 4.95. Wouldn't touch 5.x (useless spyware, the sign of the times ). Even 4.x needs some kicking in the rear to behave: it loves phoning home, setting itself to autostart with Windows, and you can only truly close the bugger from the notification area. If it helps for peace of mind, I still keep some ~2010 vintage SSDs and they still run like champs (one of them in a retrocomp with 98/XP, so no TRIM). I would only worry about data retention if SSD was to remain unpowered for several months in a row (voltage drift and bit rot, specially if planar TLC NAND).
  2. Quick & easy way to check partition alignment at a glance: ^ It also benchmarks your SSDs. Whenever the internal SSD controller decides that the drive is being taxed lightly or not at all, it will do garbage collection. Modern SSDs are good at it, I would't lose sleep on that. But if we wish on the 850 EVO we can force TRIM commands at will with Magician > Perf Optimization.
  3. I went a step beyond and have been installing the whole browser (Pale Moon portable) on ramdisk for years. Lightning quick browser experience. If it isn't already, don't forget to enable AHCI before installing or cloning system to SSD.
  4. Actually wikipedia has a fairly decent entry on write amplification:
  5. Windows 7 automatically aligns SSD correctly, no worries there. I'd go for the 850 EVO 250GB, works like a charm and its 3D TLC is more reliable than the usual planar TLC crap. You can partition the SSD as you like, no worries. All SSDs come with built-in OP (Over Provisioning) space to ease wear levelling, in the case of the 250GB 850 EVO OP is 9.1% of the 256GB raw NAND capacity (i.e. ~23GB, that's why formatted capacity is only 233GB). If you're paranoid about longevity, for peace of mind you can leave some space unpartitioned, and it will be automatically used as extra OP space by the SSD internal controller. Not really needed nowadays, unless you task the SSD extremely heavily writing dozens of GBs every day. You'll love how fast the system runs from an SSD and will never look back.
  6. (Sorry can't post the video decently, this interface is ridiculous)
  7. One would think that they can't to go any lower than this, but I'm sure they'll manage. EDIT - LOL just for the pleasure I wonder if a simple trick like this registry tweak could be enough to give them the finger.
  8. Anandtech - How To Get Ryzen Working on Windows 7 x64
  11. Microsoft made 'em do it: The latest Kaby Lake, Zen chips will support only Windows 10 I HAD been following Zen's development with some interest. Not anymore.
  12. ^ Complete with Bob/XP exceedengly useful dog : [/img]
  13. Here's a picture of mine. As you can notice he's been thoroughly trained to deal with Microborg's Updates as they truly deserve: