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  1. ^ I second this motion. (Sorry for multiple posts but this forum's interface is just unusable).
  2. For the benefit of those uninitiated in this gem of dystopian sci-fi: [video] [/video]
  3. Just an epic quote I found elsewhere:
  4. Windows 10 gets one last, desperate nagware update "... this is an update to the previous full-screen nagware update. Now you get a countdown clock (the exclamation point is free) and a yellow exclamation point in the system tray, just in case you haven’t noticed the unusual Windows icon that’s been yammering for attention and trying to stealth-upgrade your system for the past 12 months ..." "... What’s disturbing about all this is that Microsoft can’t seem to stop. It’s like watching a meth-addicted rat punching levers in a Skinner box, except in this case the rat only gets its fix if it hits another download milestone. Someone, somewhere, only gets to eat today if Microsoft manages to convince another 5,000 people to install Windows 10 ..."
  5. Heh heh, the sly rascals. I'm always on the watch for something of the sort happening on Se7en, but (thus far) no surprises.
  6. Who'd have thought?: Microsoft: Windows 10 won't hit 1 billion devices by mid-2018
  7. ^ You've touched it with a needle.
  8. Yes, Windows 10 subscriptions are coming, at least for enterprise
  9. Sure man, I remember how ultimately everybody had to switch to Bob 1 and later to Vista back in the day.
  10. ^ Very interesting read, thanks for sharing.
  11. ^ Here here!
  12. Windows 10 upgrade will soon be easier to reject
  13. That sentence just lacks "Mr. Anderson" at the end: So allow me to quote Mr. Anderson: