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  1. (Sorry can't post the video decently, this interface is ridiculous)
  2. One would think that they can't to go any lower than this, but I'm sure they'll manage. EDIT - LOL just for the pleasure I wonder if a simple trick like this registry tweak could be enough to give them the finger.
  3. Anandtech - How To Get Ryzen Working on Windows 7 x64
  6. Microsoft made 'em do it: The latest Kaby Lake, Zen chips will support only Windows 10 I HAD been following Zen's development with some interest. Not anymore.
  7. ^ Complete with Bob/XP exceedengly useful dog : [/img]
  8. Here's a picture of mine. As you can notice he's been thoroughly trained to deal with Microborg's Updates as they truly deserve:
  9. Translation: "Shut the doors quickly, before the cattle realize they've been corralled!!! ..."
  10. I'm just imagining a "smart" vibrator going rogue and running amok.
  11. So much for "security": Microsoft Secure Boot key debacle causes security panic
  12. ^ I second this motion. (Sorry for multiple posts but this forum's interface is just unusable).
  13. For the benefit of those uninitiated in this gem of dystopian sci-fi: [video] [/video]