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  1. Removed ------- Thanks for you
  2. helo plz i want know run uxthem patch silent ? and no restart or in Attachments
  3. helo i want to remove the windows protection To replace file and restore protection By Regester and dont show the protection masege is he can Thank you
  4. im dont find WINNTBBU.DL_ in Windows XP Media Center Edition help me
  5. helo how ? scan for hardware changes by reg or batch file
  6. thanks spiritpyre & Aegis
  7. helo spiritpyre thanks for you i want the icons to appear in those positions
  8. helo i wont select my computer ............ by regedit
  9. Thanks Warrentheo , Yzöwl , oneless
  10. heloo i wont remove the firewall and automatic updateand virus protection alert by Registry
  11. run any file in windows xp u can add any program and run that when windows setup. new means in folder 1386 file setup50.ex_ extract thes file and replase and COMPRESS thes file
  12. ok
  13. plese i wont know why setup CursorXP.exe /?