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  1. Hello. I Have one PC with 2 hdds, and the steps done are: Format both hdds. Install WinXP Pro 1st HDD. Format 2ndHDD as FAT32 Install BootMagic and configured to start the 1st hdd as XP and 2nd as 98se Disable in BIOS the 1st HDD and install windows 98se re-enable 1st hdd and bootmagic worked correct Now, I wanted to install Windows NT4 in an other partition, so I created fat16 partition on the start of the first hdd (with partition magic), and made it active. Then I booted with the nt4 cd and istalled nt in this partition. After installation I configured bootmagic again, so it has 3 options, but NT is always giving me stop 0x7b Inaccesible_boot_device. With all this in mind, can I revert to the XP bootloader? And what settings do I Have to use?
  2. Anyone to reupload the version with the shell update for workstation? Thank you.