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  1. Working here too using 1. In a recent Mozilla bug they said they planned to remove "security.sandbox.content.level" and hard code it, most likely at maximum security setting of 2. They did mention however the possibility of using environment variables to disable it so we'll just have to wait and see. Lots of big (and unwanted) changes coming to Firefox I''m afraid.
  2. Hi blackwingcat, good news, couldn't figure out why e10s were still working on 45.0 and not 46.0 so I went through and compared the about:config settings. It turns out in 46.0 they added sandboxing. Look for the entry "security.sandbox.content.level" and change it from default 2 to 0 to disable it. e10s are back in business for w2k, although as usual performance isn't that great but that's a browser issue. I'm going to keep e10s disabled for as long as it's possible. Would it be possible to make sandboxing work on w2k because if I know Mozilla they will eventually remove this option as they do so many others.
  3. Hmm, wonder if there's some kind display driver issues? I'm on XP right now using Nightly 46 with e10s enabled and it's working just fine so there's no way I can file a bug with Mozilla because it's not a problem. I'm only seeing it on W2k. If it's broke for you on XP would you consider filing a bug with Mozilla: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ It might be the problem is specific to certain systems and not everyone's. There's no chance they will entertain a bug for W2k.
  4. Dibya, google the PosReady 2009 hack for XP, it's a simple registry entry that you add. With that, you can go to Windows Update and download all the latest security patches for XP. PosReady 2009 will be updated until 2019 so there's three more years of XP use.
  5. So you tested nightly 46 and are having the same problem on W2k and XP? Is there anything that can be done? It's working for me on XP, only W2k is broke.It appears to be the tabbar that's unresponsive since it's impossible to even create a new tab.
  6. blackwingcat, are you still testing Firefox on W2k? There's a new problem that just started with e10s or multiprocess in the nightlies v46. If they're enabled, Firefox is dead. It will start but nothing loads and the UI is non-responsive. Since e10s use gdiplus I tried different versions but that didn't do anything. Not sure what it could be but it just recently started. With e10s disabled it's still useable but beginning early next year Mozilla is removing the ability to disable e10s so that will make Firefox dead on W2k. I'll keep trying to figure out what update might be responsible.
  7. That did it, shockwave player is coming right in with GDI+ version 5.2.6002.23835. Not only that but the newer quick time player is also still working. Thanks for the fix, it's good to have the latest versions of these files in case of any security threats.
  8. blackwingcat, the shockwave player is the latest It was the same result with the previous one too 171.
  9. So it's working for you then, just taking longer to load? I gave it five minutes but it still remained blank. Also the newer gdsiplus version breaks some hacked in programs like Quick Time. The last official QT version for W2k was 7.16 but I copied in a later one from XP and it worked but the latest gdsiplus breaks it. The main problem however is the shockwave player, I do need that so I'll just keep the older gdiplus for now.
  10. blackwingcat, how is the latest gdiplus.dll version 6.0.6002.23835 working for you? On my end it's breaking some programs and preventing the latest Shockwave player object version and the previous 12.2.171 from loading on the Firefox webpage. You can test it here: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/welcome/?promoid=GXVZD Reverting back to gdiplus.dll version 5.2.6002.23775 resolves the problem.
  11. This is an old thread but I'll try anyway. In latest firefox nightlies the developers removed the ability to disable OOPP and so now flash is hopelessly unusable on many sites with the 9.12 legacy drivers. blackwingcat is unable to test the XP 13.1 legacy drivers on 2000 so would anyone have any idea what needs to be done to hack them to install? Hopefully with the newer drivers flash hardware acceleration will function, unlike with the 9.12 drivers.
  12. blackwingcat if you get a chance can you test out the latest dssenh.dll version 5.1.2600.6924. With that flash activex won't install or uninstall for me as I'm getting a runtime error. Going back to 5.1.2600.5507 fixes it. Rsaenh.dll version 5.1.2600.6924 is ok as is the new schannel version 5.1.2600.6926. Edit: please disregard this, I was having the problem with an older version of Extended Kernel (2.4d7) but with your updated one there are no problems that I can see with dssenh.dll.
  13. Hi blackwingcat, I don't know what you mean regarding programs because I'm not sure which ones use it other than Office. I mainly run personal scripts to make OS tasks easier so that probably uses vbscript.dll (version 5.7.6002.23659). Jscript.dll is the same version while cscrip is It was just a matter of updating the system since WSH has quite a few holes and is constantly being patched by Microsoft. I'd say Office is the most vulnerable.
  14. The WSH 5.8 install package from 2009 was what I was trying to install but it won't, the buttons on the interface are frozen. Does it require registry updates to work properly or can we just extract the files and copy them over into system32? Microsoft will be updating 5.8 until at least 2019, that's why it's better to have that version instead of 5.7.
  15. It's for use with other programs only? I know it's a compnonent of IE8 but thought it could be installed independently as an upgrade to the system. That would be better since POSReady 2009 will be updated until 2019 while Vista ends in 2017.