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  1. If you can not update the firmware from seagate because idiots do not allow this even if I have firmware SD11 are likely to receive error LBA0 again? Can I safely use hdd? Or you can do to be able to update? My life no longer buy Seagate and I recommend to all my friends not to buy either.
  2. Download Finder Return to main page Serial Number: 9SZ0808G Part Number: 9FZ162-300 Model Number: ST3320613AS Family: BARRACUDA 7200.11 FAMILY Software Name Importance Version Release Date Short Description Downloads and Actions SeaTools for DOS Diagnostic Suggested v2.23 09-Feb-11 Test your hard drive from a bootable CD. More... Click here SeaTools for Windows Diagnostic Suggested v1.2.0.5 07-Mar-11 SeaTools for Windows tests SATA, USB, 1394, eSATA, ATA (PATA/IDE), SAS, SCSI and Fibre Channel drives. More... Click here DiscWizard for Windows Suggested v11.0.8326 27-Oct-09 DiscWizard makes adding a new hard drive much easier. More... Click here Documentation Name Importance Version Release Date Short Description Downloads and Actions Product Manual - Barracuda 7200.11 (Brinks) Optional 100507013 Rev. E 31-Dec-08 Barracuda 7200.11 (Brinks) Product Manual More... Click Here Global Name Importance Version Release Date Short Description Downloads and Actions No Firmware Available Suggested 01-Jan-11 No firmware download is available for this serial number. More... Please read... No posible update firmware!!! Drive detect annoucement me no necessary update. Me firmware SD11, me problem error LBA 0. Resolving problem error LBA 0, no posible update firmware SD11 to SD1B or SD2B. Posible resolving problem update firmware, or not necesary update? pls help.
  3. Ok, at least you can see your hdd. Now your first priority is to recover any data that you do not have a backup of. Try putting that hdd as a secondary hdd, boot from the good hdd and see if you can see your data and copy that to a safe location. Once your data is safe, you can worry why the disk is not bootable. Problem solved. My mistake was that you had typed the last command "Z" than I typed "z" small and I think something happens and does not work well. After I repeated the procedure and I typed that last command in hyperterminal "Z" great everything worked perfectly. Thank you so much for this thread.
  4. Hello. I have followed the same procedure, I came and me everything you know that message came from the hdd, ending with the final partition sucecs user. All well and good my Seagate 320gb hdd in bios and it sees 320gb capacity but when you boot windows 7 from the hdd and repaired it at his side and when the system starts to appear buteze icons screen turns black, mouse I can move on the screen and not do anything. What can I do them again to make it start. Specific certainly not anything I did wrong procedure. I tested now on a system with win xp and I installed the 2nd hdd hdd and they try to start Windows blue screen appears and begins checking hdd and everything is one line that says 63,600 can not read and so, after 8 o'clock arrived at 76,000 and counting. Why is that? Thank you in advance for response