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  1. When you are using a lot of commands for instants 8 times tab I find it more useful to use This line: MouseClick("left", xxx, xxx,) Instate of this line: send ("{TAB 8}") But that’s my opinion.
  2. I see you use the same version as I do, I only got that version in dutch perhaps its usfull for you I don't use any sleeps. Setpoint.au3
  3. Here is the autoit script for the logitech setpoint version 2.22 I made 2 versions Setpoint1 is for mouse and trackballs, Setpoint2 is for mouse and keyboard so you have to check wish one you need. There build for the engilish version so if you us an different version you have to remake them. I hope it will solve your problems. Setpoint1.au3 Setpoint2.au3
  4. You got a point there, i'm at the moment at school but I will make one tonight. For setpoint 2.22.
  5. Why don't you write an autoit script. I done it with my setpoint drivers and it works great. I use 2.3 (for the MX518).
  6. First I thought it worked I installed it with runonce and no reboot so I thought perfect, but than when I did a fresh install it did reboot, a friend of my had the same problem, the conclusion is that it works when windows is installed, but it wont work when you do a fresh install. I hope someone has a solution
  7. I thank you, it now works. Thanks a lot al you guys.
  8. Unfortunately your tweak didn’t work, I still started with a dpi of 96 instate of 120
  9. I have al ready put the resolution into winnt.sif The only problem I have is that I want to change my dpi in 120 instate of 96.
  10. When Windows (XP pro) is installed you always start with a dpi of 96, the problem is I run a resolution of 1280*960 (crt screen) and I find it more relaxed for my eyes when I us dpi 120, its not a lot of work to change but it would be nice if I can start after the unattended with dpi 120. Does any one of you know how it must be done I thought a reg tweak so I have readied the reg tweak topic but it couldn’t help me. I hope one of you can.