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  1. Yeah... non of that worked...look ill try making another stick from one of the tutorials on this forum and if needed ask for assistance there...thanks for your help
  2. Can you figure out what the text is? What happens if you start the second part again, without going through the first part? Just select again the second part. What do you mean? 1 First several lines appear saying something about NTFS then all that goes away and says at the top Start cmain().... 2 Yes ...the same happens goes back to the windows selection screen 3 Start the second phase from the command line
  3. Hello I followed this tutorial for making a WinXP USB install. I tried installing it on this very old Athlon 2000+ machine. The first phase goes well i format and copy the new files then it restarts and boots from the stick again. I try starting the second phase but it just roles some text and comes back to the Windows installation selection screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can i do this from the command line?