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  1. Alright, I guess I had misunderstood the message then. That's what I was in doubt of, really, thank you for clarifying. I feel relieved now.
  2. Hello I have been trying to get a pendrive bootable with the windows installer to recover a netbook that no longer boots, and a friend recommended I use WinSetupFromUSB, which I did. At the end of the USB setup, however, it requests that I reboot twice from the pendrive, or else my primary hard disk won't be safe? I placed a installer on the Pendrive, and I don't wish to install it on my computer at all. I can't reboot from it, or it will format my computer and replace my windows. Is there any way for me to rectify this? Can I make it safe again to simply boot from my primary hard disk? It doesn't matter if the installation on the pendrive works or not. Thank you all who reply, I'm quite worried here since I have no way to fully backup this windows installation, and I have no idea how at risk it is...