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  1. None of the above. It removes all traces of the components in charge of that functionality. Next version takes care of few more leftovers. When I use NTLite's component removal section, it always pops up a warning regarding permanent change to the OS. What I really want is keep the components and system files of OS, and disable Telemetry as completely as possible. Removing some system files/components always results in some possibility of instability or weird behaviors of the OS, so what can NTLite do to the Telemetry without removing system files/components?
  2. So what is the approach that NTLite takes to remove telemetry? Changing the host file, disabling the service, or removing the related packages by dism.exe? Telemetry seems to be a very complicated stuff and seems to be extremeley hard to disable completely. Warez team even release a dedicated tool to disable it, and that open source tool is even been identified as malware by some antivirus software and M$ itself.
  3. I would prefer the default theme of windows server, i.e., the "Windows Basic", but unfortunately, I have to copy that theme file from server OS to client's OS.
  4. :thumbup That's cool!! Thanks a lot!
  5. I was trying to use v2.3 beta 3 to install windows 8 RP on a VHDX file, and it said that installation on vhd is only available for windows 7 ultimate and enterprise. Could you please fix this problem? I know it is simply an imageX /apply bla bla bla, but I like GUI not command line. Thanks!!
  6. New UL's have been posted. Reason: was waiting for MS to publish the KB pages. I got this error when I check the IE 9.0.6 to download. Something wrong with microsoft?