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  1. What do you mean by uncheck the imhost file usage? looked everything in control panel under network and internet and didnt find any place where there was a place to check file usage
  2. crossfire.exe is the game i played while the freeze happened,it happens on desktop,while watching vids from youtube and so on... I checked that the system has acess to it and how can i check if its damaged?Or how i should fix it..?I googeld it but found nothing useful:S
  3. I´´ve been having freezes for few months now, they are caused by a process called system.. Loading the debug symbols and sorting by sampled profiles isn´t helping they look the same.. I tought maybe you can help,so I uploaded my latency.etl file I realy want to get it fixed,every other min i get a freeze for about 10-15sec http://www.mediafire.com/?9uit9e6ld77kt98
  4. My bad i tought i did the same thing but I was wrong but now i have another problem my summary table isnt like yours and i cant read anything out from it:
  5. I got it working but when stopping the trace i get: xperf: error: -d doesn not expect 0 argument(s).
  6. Hello, i installed wdm kit but the xperf command isnt working