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  1. It works thanks for all the help. Turns out it was the bsy error then the 0mb error, and now it's back to normal. Everything is getting immediately backed up.
  2. I managed to get to the last step and input the m0,,,,,,,,,, line of text and nothing has appeared. What should I do now?
  3. Duly Noted and thank you very much sir
  4. I really appreciate the quick reply jaclaz , I saw a lot of tutorials out there and some had a power supply connected and some didn't so I was a little lost. Luckily I can just salvage a power supply from my old desktop. One more question, although I think I'm answering it as I type it. I noticed on mapleleaf's tutorial he had two additional cables from the serial line going to the power supply. I wouldn't need to do that if I bought the ebay item since that is USB powered right?
  5. Hi, Im new to the forum and I'm a little lost on the recovery method. I noticed Gradius posted a link to seagate fix tool on ebay that would do the same thing without splicing the cables and wiring. I just wanted to know if I need a separate power supply to connect to the sata power port before I buy this?