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  1. Hello. When i found your forum I was very happy because there was a solution to the annoying problem of this drives. But unfortunately it didn't go as it supposed to. I bought the adapter from ebay: connected everything but I can't get past this step: F3 T>2 LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF67 LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF67 I manage to get the F3 T>, but when I type 2 and hit enter I always get the LED errors. I have tried both the "head" and "motor" methods and also by completely removing the PCB board but all three methods returned the same error. I also tried waiting 20-30 seconds before hitting CTRL-Z in all three methods as someone suggested in the previous posts. My drive is not ES. If I try to run the drive with the PCB board screwed on the HyperTerminal also returns a LED error, just with a different number. If someone has any other ideas...I would appreciate it. Thank you.