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  1. I broke down the setup to power the hdd. I will have to move some stuff around, but will report back on what I find. I am guessing that I can find information on: Victoria, mhdd, and hdat2 in the forum? Thanks again for the input. c
  2. It isn't picked up by BIOS, so BSY.
  3. First things first. Did you do a loopback test? See the FGA for more info. (especially no. 4) I did do a loopback test. I have several usb-ttl devices. One is a bus pirate and the other two are spark fun devices. I modified one of the spark fun devices to work on 3.3V as per their guide. They were all capable of talking to themselves. I was even successful hooking them up to each other and sending data from one serial console to the other. Thanks for the quick reply.
  4. Hi everyone. I am looking at this drive for a friend. I had no luck in getting his drive to say anything to me, so I dug up an oscilloscope to take a look at what was happening at the pins. It looks like there is somewhere around 4 volts on the RX pin and 2.6 volts on the TX pin. These reading were taken when nothing was hooked up to the hard drive. I am assuming some components on the board have gone bad. I would appreciate any helpful feedback.