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  1. Hi Kurt FYI: MediaFire is reporting Hotfix_2000sp5_B_Feb16.7z as a "dangerous file" and won't allow downloading it. Additionally your torrent link is not working. Just thought you should know. .
  2. . Please define "latest version" - because such things are subject to change with time. (By date) When you wrote that the "latest" was version 7-something. Currently your link on page 1 of this thread goes to version 8-something. Which are confirmed to work in W2k? . Thanks. .
  3. Anomaly? Problem? Bug? . I don't have the skills (or time) to figure out what happened, just reporting something I saw during an install on actual hardware. Build was W2k Advanced Server without any non-MS add-ons beyond 3Ware RAID drivers. [is for a temp file server to store 3TB of data on while I rebuild the 'real' one.] I wasn't paying THAT much attention (fully automated install) but at one point I looked up and saw errors in a dos-box window. For each of the following: NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-x86.exe NDP1.1sp1-KB971108-x86.exe NDP1.1sp1-KB2742597-X86.exe It said something to the effect that they aren't ?programs? or batch files and would not be installed.... (Was kind of fast.... 'programs' may have been a different word but it did say 'or batch files' after that.) . Might be nothing but I don't even know how to determine that. (I am NOT a programmer.) Just reporting to the experts that actually know what they are doing... . . And thanks for all your work! (All of you.) For the most part I dunno what I'm doing but with your directions I can create up-to-date custom builds that actually work!! (I prefer W2k because it doesn't commit suicide for too many changes when I'm in the middle of something.) Thanks! .
  4. It only lists 4 files to move.... Also there's an update to Flash Player 11 out. - It's 1024 more bits/bytes (or whatever they are) which makes the total wrong. . And BTW: Thanks! .
  5. Is set to private... (Why?). - Cannot download it............. .
  6. WOW! - That was fast! - 4 minutes flat! Thank you!
  7. Pardon the latecomer newbie question but I read this whole thread and I don't see it mentioned anywhere, so I'm gonna ask. . Is there are prerequisite SP level for the original W2k media, or does this SP update all of them even with no SP present on the original CD? . Thanks. .
  8. You don't have to go to XP just to use more than 2 CPU cores. There is no problem using W2k with multiple cores (and no patches are needed) so long as you use the right version of W2k. . W2k Server supports 4 cores out of the box. W2k Advanced Server supports 8 cores out of the box. The Data Center version supports up to 32 cores. . For what you already do in W2k they all work the same. They have some extra features you probably won't use. - But, so what? . I've picked up several legal copies of Server and Advanced Server on eBay for like $25 (and less) by keeping my eyes open and being patient. .