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  1. cant understand what u r saying mate... i have type in start-> run- MMC one window opens but dont know what to do...??
  2. how to check it???
  3. hello... i have one question how to program non-computer device with my laptop.. For Example: if i want to program my Air Condition timing and if i want to make any change in circuit board of my A.C. than which programming language should i use...??? one of my friend told me that i have a knowledge of COBOL language.. is it true??? please help me friends...
  4. hello frens i am JD from Gujarat (INDIA)... nice forum and site too... nice to be a part of the forum and site.... like it very much
  5. hello frens... i have win-7 ultimate 64bit installed in my lappy.. (core i5 4GB RAM DDR-3) from last one week it's not shutting down.. i mean when i click start->shutdown.. it will stuck to the "shutting down screen"... than i have to forcefully shut my lappy by pressing ON button for 5 sec. please tell me what's happen to my lappy
  6. hi... in my lappy whenever i plug any usb device (e.g data card, pen drive etc,.) than it's not detecting automatically..... it's detect only when i plug it to laptop and i will restart my laptop.. than it's working fine... but it's very hectic for me to restart each and every time.. please solve my problem..