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  1. Hi everyone, My Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500Gb decided to get into a "permanently nap" due to the firmware error. I made my own USB to TTL and was able to follow the steps until F3 1>N1 (enter) Next, i remove the power plug from my HDD and wait over 10sec (20s better), then, I and plug it on again and wait another 10 seconds In HyperTerminal, i press Ctrl+Z to get the F3 1> input again but nothing happens. If i do it with PCB board out of the HDD (like in the first steps) i get the prompt. So, what i'm doing wrong? I tried to boot the disc and in the BIOS i get the 0gb label, so i must use the F3 T>m0,2,2,,,,,22 (enter) command. But i can't get to that step due to the issue after mentioned. Also, i tried to run HyperTerminal with the PCB unmounted, stropping the disc motor (Z command), mounting the PCB again, starting the disc motor (U command) and then F3 T>m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 (enter) but the disc don't do anything for over 1h. I'm a bit frustrated and don't know what to do now. Thanks