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  1. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I was just hoping I could get it fixed with this guide. Oh well :\
  2. Hi guys, My ST31500341AS hard drive just failed today. The firmware as stated on the HD is SD17 and I don't recall flashing newer firmware onto it. I was playing some games online when I heard a strange hum coming from my computers case. I thought it was just a fan going bad or something so I finished up my game and then went back to my desktop. The hum was a lot louder than when it first started and one of my HDs was missing from my HD widget, so I decided to turn off my computer. When I tried turning it back on, it took longer than normal and the problematic drive didn't boot. It spun up, clicked 11 times, and then spun down. I can't get it recognized by the BIOS. I'm guessing that this is a BSY error. Will this guide help me recover my data? Thanks