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  1. I have ATI HD 3450 PCIe - video card and Windows 2000 Pro SP4. The old ATI V3100 video card got broken, so I`d need to get this combination working. Cannot either upgrade to XP due to software license issues (3rd party). I´ve tried to get that video card working with these backward (from Windows XP to Windows 2000) ported drivers. No luck. With v 8.10, it says "Error code 31" in the device manager. ("depended drivers missing") http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/571484.html For v8.12, v9.2, v9.4, v9.8, v9.11, v10.2, v10.7, v10.10, v11.7; ALL which I`ve tried, the machine just gets BSOD when it boots the first time after installing some of those drivers. Next time the w2k-machine boots in VGA-mode and says it has found a new PCI device (the video card) and would want to install the driver for it. In ntbtlog.txt I see it always says "ati2mtag.sys is not loaded". ati2mtag.sys is "ATI Radeon WindowsNT Miniport Driver", says filemanager properties. How to debug this issue further and maybe get the driver working? I guess some drivers which backported ATI driver depends on, is missing. How to know what is missing? I think the "boot with logging on" doesn't quite work either. It seems to tell about the recovery boot after the failed one and not the failed one.