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  1. Thanks!
  2. Hi, am I getting it right, that it is still not possible to remove some parts of win7 (like nlite or vlite) ? Thanks for any tips (I have not been active here for a while, but now I switched to will be here more often
  3. Sure, use Novicorp WinToFlash to create the flash.
  4. Im having a similar issue..the install works great, and Im lazy to install everything again. Im missing a keyboard layout though - polish programmers. If anyone could help, I would be really thankful!
  5. That works perfectly! thanks.
  6. I never had this problem with SP2.
  7. Thanks for testing! So what does this shell32 bug do? Is there a fix for it? Thanks
  8. Actually shell32 doesnt get patched! Thats the problem. I see old icons, old dialogs (like the logoff screen, deleting from the recycle bin...) I never had this problem, just with SP3. Im willing to send the shell file to anybody, and you can try to patch it...xpize just writes patching shell32, but actually skips the file...
  9. Hi, I just updated my Win XP install with SP3 (slipstreamed) and Xpize updates all files, except shell32.dll, which is one of the most important. I tried both methods - change the install source, and installing Xpize in a running SP3. It doesnt change it. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  10. Its a 29 page long I picked one post for you
  11. aaa, I see. Sorry, thats a no go on XP.
  12. So basically take a screenshot of how you would like it to look...then cut the exact shape of the bitmap. So basically it will still be there, youre just fooling your eyes... if you need more clues let me know
  13. Do you still need help?
  14. Anybody? Plus, is there a way to unblock exe files, which normally ask you for administrator rights? That I dont have to allow them, every time I run them. Thanks
  15. Opera! And sometimes IE7 with IEPro.