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  1. in this world No one help us?
  2. Hello dear. wait some seconds before giving the Z command I think i tried all the case! but do this again !!! Rst 0x20M is it a 7200.12 ? My friend! My hard drive is maxtor 500 GB DIAMONDmAX22 STM3500320AS . PLZ WHAT I DO ! I CHECK FORUM [ EVERY 5 MINT'S !!!!!] ......
  3. I need help! I've used the DKU. I get the following error when working : F3 T> / 2 F3 2> Z LED: 000000CE FAddr: 00259C49 Rst 0x20M FORU is very long and complicated! Please tell me how to do simple? My friends I need your help! Result of my efforts within the H.D.D I am waiting for your help .........