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  1. It seems the problem is, indeed, the hard drive. Or maybe the netbook. I dismounted the drive from the netbook and connected it to other PC. Then I installed Windows 2000 in the hard drive and everything worked well. But, when i reconnect the hard drive to the netbook, the screen shows the same: "Error loading operating system". Of course, the problem seems to have no relation with WinSetupFromUSB Thanks anyway!
  2. I tried booting the second part from the internal disk, but says the same: Error loading operating system I used WinSetupFromUSB, the last beta version (1.0 beta7) And when i try to delete and create new partitions in text mode, the formatting process stuck at 4%. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm trying to install Windows 2000 on a HP Mini 2133. The first part of the installation worked well, but when the second part starts, the display shows: 2 (HEX:0x2) 2 (HEX:0x2) 2 (HEX:0x2) 2 (HEX:0x2) 2 (HEX:0x2) 2 (HEX:0x2) 2 (HEX:0x2) Error loading operating system And nothing happens. By the way, previously this netbook had installed Xubuntu, but before I install Windows 2000, I ran Gparted and formated the hard drive. Thanks!