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  1. Please advise/help From I downloaded to E:\Portable\PaleMoon\Downloads\exe uniextract161_noinst.rar and changedefaultbrowser_setup.exe uniextract161_noinst.rar created E:\Portable\PaleMoon\Downloads\exe\uniextract161_noinst with several files and subfolders I ran E:\Portable\PaleMoon\Downloads\exe\uniextract161_noinst\UniExtract.exe I selected for extraction E:\Portable\PaleMoon\Downloads\exe\changedefaultbrowser_setup.exe I got this error message Should I expect anything better if I use UniExtract Installer (5.3 MB) instead of UniExtract Binary Archive (4.95 MB) ? Should I look for an earlier version of changedefaultbrowser_setup.exe which uses Inno Setup version 5309 but also works with 64 bit Windows 7 ? Is there anything else you can suggest that would allow me to set Palemoon as my "Default Browser" without installing changedefaultbrowser ? N.B. I will actually install changedefaultbrowser if that is what it takes - anything to avoid browser caches on my system partition. Regards Alan