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  1. Hi All, Been successfully deploying images using WinPE for 6mths or so. I recently compiled a multiboot USB (using xboot) of a number of tools we require internally for my staff. However, when attempting to write the BCD after imaging the PC with Windows 7, it doesnt correctly write the BCD. Neither BCDBOOT C:\Windows or my custom BCD script (bcdedit commands) lead to a successful boot... This is using exactly the same iso that we have been using on CD. My multiboot options (syslinux) for the WinPE iso are as follows: LINUX /boot/syslinux/grub.exe APPEND --config-file="ls /images/winpe_x86.iso || find --set-root /images/winpe_x86.iso;map --heads=0 --sectors-per-track=0 /images/winpe_x86.iso (0xff) || map --heads=0 --sectors-per-track=0 --mem /images/winpe_x86.iso (0xff);map --hook;chainloader (0xff)" Booting the CD, running BCDBoot or my script, successfully writes the BCD. Running the WinPE as a 'single boot' from USB also works fine. Surely someone has run into this issue, or can provide some suggestions to alleviate the issue? Thanks in advance, Nash