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  1. Uninstalled CD/DVD drive and now it's in a restart loop...

    My bad....he uninstalled the Windows Media Player driver, not the disc drive.
  2. My son's computer suddenly stopped reading his discs. My husband had installed an old game on it and it worked fine that night. Shut the computer down and when we restarted it the next morning, it wouldn't load discs....just popped open the door and asked to insert a disc. I was going to delete the Uppers from the HKey thing and they didn't exist. It said the drivers were up to date and that it was working properly. I could not find another solution other than uninstalling the drive and I didn't feel safe with that. So I let my husband go to it and he uninstalls the drive and now the computer won't load. It begins to, but then goes into a restart loop. When you go to F8, none of the options take you anywhere....they just begin to load and then it restarts. I tried to change the boot order to a USB hard drive and I put my Installation disc on it, but that just makes it restart from the "Compaq" menu - where you press F8 or whatever. I selected the option to disable it from doing the restart and when I do that, it goes to the blue screen and stays there. I power off the computer and turn it back on and it just does the same mess over. HALP!!!