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  1. thank. I will re-read it
  2. I have Googled a litle but I can't find or anderstand what are exactly "Hard Faults". Since I have some, I have randomly downloaded some user .etl and it seams that all PCs have this kind of "Hard Faults". Do you know what this UFO is?
  3. Well, the Radeon video card has also some drivers for the audio so I guess that at least some of its hardware has some audio related parts. I was hopping that it could be a conflict with this Radeon parts and my onboard Realtek audio since Radeon'sbios wasn't the original one. So I have try to find its original bios and flashed it = no change
  4. I prefer to wait a litle for Win8. But I would probably try it in VM first. That said, I think there is one thing I didn't try : flash my Radeon back to its original bios I did flashed it a year or so and I muust admit that I have completly forgotten it ****...4 days now that I m fighting thoose ##£££^£})à++ing 2 or 3 seconds delay....
  5. your Windows boot in 10s to the desktop and is fully booted in 13s. And yes the Audio HD controller causes the delay: So update the ATI/AMD graphic drivers to update the HDMI sound driver and the realtek sound driver and see if this fixes it. The other thing I see is the Acronis service (nonstop backup) takes some time to start. Many thanks for answering that quicly The only way I have found to reduce this delay is to disable de audio device in the bios No matter what driver I use for both AMD video HD audio and Realtek onboard : the very exact same delay occur. But what is strange is that in the device manager the culprit "high definition audio" PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1C20&SUBSYS_84181043&REV_05\3&11583659&0&D8 is listed in the "system device" and NOT in "audio, video controlers". So the driver this device use during the boot phase seams to be a default Microsoft one while under Windows it use Realtek one?
  6. Hi, this is my first post here, but I have been reading the first post of this thread at least 150 time ... So I have run xbootmgr -trace boot -traceFlags BASE+CSWITCH+POWER -postBootDelay 30 to trace boot on a fresh install of Windows 7 SP1 64bit. -All Windows updates done. -All my bios/Orom are updated to the very last version. -All my drivers too. I "bootDoneViaExplorer" in 10.5s witch is not bad BUT reading the .etl boot traces I can clearly see a "gap" of at least 2.5s in graphs where there is no CPU activity, no disk activity, no IO, no Generic Events It looks like the major delay is caused by "Contrôleur audio haute définition" (Hight definition audio in english I think) but Im not sure. If you could have a look to my .etl here are the .etl and the XML in .rar Thanks for your help.