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  1. Hiii. I re-install my system on HP compaq 6730s from VISTA to Windows Xp Home edition... But i can't find a drivers for windows xp home edition... I found drivers for Pro, but when i install on one of them i saw a error [something like] bad operation system. :/
  2. Next error x.x Thanks to ilko_t . When i ''moved'' a windows xp home sp1 files on pendrive by 1.0 beta8 version instalation go (XD bad english). But in 35 minutes to end installation was stopped :</ i waited 30 min but installation don't go . Pleaseee help
  3. Hii... First - Sorry for my bad english xd. Okay. I have '' A LITTLE" problem. I had BSOD, so i tho i re-install my Win Vista on Windows Xp Home (cuz i dont have Windows Vista CD). My Windows CD is original... Okay, but my CD drive is broken so i make a boot usb pendrive. Good. I do it by winsetupfromusb 0.2.3 But when i'm install my hdd isn't detectable so i change from AHCI to IDE in BIOS. Good . Later... Next problem... After this i had a error... Error like ''Can't find a CD with windows install files" (something like this). So i again ''moved'' (by winsetupfromusb 0.2.3) a windows xp home files on usb but now i change a REMOVABLE on FIXED. Good. Part 1 windows is done, but when i tried install a 2 part i saw next error...Something like : (i translatting from my language to english) Error SXS: Can't install D:\$Win_Nt$ ~LS\|I386\asms\60100\POLICY, becouse "manifest" missed *** Error Instalation Failed: D:\$Win_Nt$ ~LS\|I386\asms. Error Message : No more files *** Critic Error Can't install one of the components that Windows needs to continue setup, No more files *** ^ Again sorry for my bad english and please helpp