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  1. Yes it is possible. More or less exactly if you used to use Windows 2000 "Low" accel, but only somewhat approximately if you used to use Medium or High. Do you remember what W2K setting you had? And what settings do you have now (OS/Refresh rate/Mouse polling rate/Text Size)? (If you run the MarkC Windows 7 + Vista + XP Mouse Acceleration Fix Builder, and accept the default values, your current setup will be in the .REG filename created, just also tell me your polling rate.) Hi Mark, I used "low" setting in windows 2000. As described in this thread I have just been trying to achieve the simple doubling of mouse movement once passing a threshold (I think the threshold for 'low' setting was 6?) with no variable acceleration. Just a straight linear doubling. Unfortunately this has been impossible since XP. Currently I have win7x64, 60hz refresh rate, 500hz mouse polling text size? whatever default is..not sure what that means. Resolution 1680x1050 but I do run dual monitors. I'm pretty sure back on windows 2000 I used a 125 hz polling rate. I'm willing to learn how to do this myself as I've read some of your other threads..just not sure how to do a simple doubling.