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  1. Thanks Again Fernando, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your help !!!!!! Regards, Bob
  2. Fernando, I meant loading the driver with the Win 7 install at the beginning 'Load Driver' part.
  3. Thanks Fernando, Sounds like I might be better off using your modded RST I slipstreamed with Nlite for XP. Is there any problem loading in Win 7 from USB drive ? just choose C600 controller right ?
  4. Hey Fernando, I was reading as to whether the X79 RSTe support the Trim command and saw some of your comments on the Intel Forum. I dual boot XP and Win 7 with a Samsung 256gb SSD and use the Samsung software to trim my XP partition. Is there indeed a problem that the RSTe drivers don't pass the trim command in Win 7 ? Thanks Again, Bob
  5. Fernando, Which extraction software do you use. Thanks, Bob
  6. Got it Fernando, Thanks so much again. One last question. How did you discover this ? I'm sure there's alot more people like me who would love to able to run XP 32 bit AHCI on thier X79 Rigs. I'll spread the word on other forums that I visit. Best Regards, Bob
  7. Thanks Fernando for all your help, Just to see what you meant, I downloaded and extracted the RSTe and didn't see the there ,I'm asking again just so I can see for myself where to get the driver. Also is the the server version ?
  8. I'm confused. Are you saying that intel is now supporting X79 with XP 32 bit AHCI with this driver ? I thought X79 only supported XP 64 bit AHCI.
  9. Fernando, I'm running an X79 Rig and needed to install XP 32 Bit in AHCI Mode. I slipstreamed your driver with Nlite and the install went great and works great. Just wanted to ask how you did the modification as I'm just curious. And may I ask why you chose the ver. when there are newer ones available. Thanks For Your Work, Bob