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  1. Hello, Im back I can't understand what to put on other options in winsetupfromusb. dont know what to put at window vista / 7 / recovery iso ... and UBCD4WIN / Winbuilder / BartPE ... When I follow the screenshot drive letters or leave the two unchecked then click GO, The Setup then automatically closes. is there an easy tutorial?
  2. ah sorry. I will give Info's not written if you ask me to. sorry again for the wrong forum section. just want to have some attention I guess the partitions don't have any backups left so I guess I left it as it is for now. as for the drivers maybe the later time I can find it. Again wanted to focus on installing XP. I'll post tommorow the specs of this sony vaio netbook since I dont know totally for It's not mine .. (It's already midnight here) please hang for me til the next days. I appreciate the first reply I got here. Thank you very much jaclaz. I'll try the latest version. I'll post feedback tomorrow. :thumbup
  3. This is my very first post here... Hope anyone will enlighten me. I'm an IT student and I'm willing to help if I have the knowledge but still I have my problems too so please help me. I'm trying to install xp pro sp2 via USB. I've read many tutorials through google but all failed. Ive tried them: wintoflash - can't find EULA Usbperp_8 bundle - Cant find setup... not enough memory something like that winsetupfromusb - can't find EULA multiboot_10 - can't find EULA USb(somethin...) - one option can't find EULA and another option BSOD. (my classmate made this so I don't remember the software used) Unetbootin - Can't find setup. I read many fix but all of them don't solve any. Fix I've tried: Original XP CD to use use eeExp iso format NTFS Change AHCI to IDE compatibility in BIOS (I can't find any AHCI in my bios... I use American Megatrends) etc... Please help me with this... It's been a week finding a fix so I think consulting professionals will be the best thing to do. by the way I'm using a 2gb flash and the netbook is a sony viao. I formatted all my files on the hard drives (2 partitions) and accidentally don't have a back-up(even I'm an IT student T_T) but instead of thinking this I'm just focusing first on installing windows xp. extra info: 1st partition = newly formatted in ntfs 2nd partition = XP setup files ( can't be formatted bcoz of this files) sorry for the long post. PLS HELP ME!