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  1. Hello Strel, I can't find _SNMsynth.ini in the new package. There is a _SNMsynth.cmd, do we use this instead?
  2. How do I use the ConnectedToInternet() function to prevent WPI from connecting to the internet automatically?
  3. My temporary internet files and my recent documents are cleared each time I restart windows. I have not setup my computer to do this and I can't figure out why it does this. I have imported registry tweaks to stop this but nothing seems to work. Any advice will be appreciated.
  4. Hidcon.exe

    Tomcat76 is it possible to use hidcon.exe instead of cmdow in HFSLIP.cmd?
  5. hfslip.log

    It's just a personnel preference. Thanks to everyone for your assistance.
  6. hfslip.log

    I would like create the ISO without the log.
  7. hfslip.log

    Is there a way to prevent the hfslip.log from being created in the sourcess folder?
  8. DrivercabHelper Version 1.1

    daddydave I'm also having trouble with my Intel chipset drivers not installing as well as my ATI graphics driver. None of my chipset drivers installed even though your program updated the INF files properly. After the install I had to go to the device manager and search for the driver files which were located in the I386 folder on the CD. With the ATI driver the INF file looks for a dll file that is located in a sub folder. The sub folder did not copy over to I386 folder. To install the driver I had to delete the driver from device manager and reinstall it from the original source.
  9. DrivercabHelper Version 1.1

    daddydave here is the orginal INF file. yk51x86.7z
  10. DrivercabHelper Version 1.1

    The wording in my INF file for my marvell LAN driver was replaced with unreadable symbols. I've attached a copy of the file so you can see what I mean. I manually edited the file and will test it tonight along with my other drivers. yk51x86.inf