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  1. ok im new to dll editing im not a bad program maker done a lot of programs but there are a lot of 3rd party programs out there that change logon screen patch dll files and change images and all i know i could use a resource hacker but i want to be able to make one my self so say i wanted to edit wmploc.dll witch contains windows media player backgrounds i want to make a program that will load the resources of that dll into my program and to have a button that will say change background 2 and when you click it opens a file dialog asking you to look for a image to replace that file once you found one and clicked ok on the open file dialog box i want it to be able to replace the original with the custom one that the user of my program as picked and so when they start the windows media player up they see there picture they have chosen i know it can be done because there are resource hackers out there can some one please help me with this if possible thank you elfenliedtopfan6