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  1. Thank you again SausageHack. This is what I managed to achieve (with your wise advice) - http://www.deepshiftlabs.com/sel_blog/?p=2499〈=en-us Hope this will help other folks here.
  2. I haven't even heard of 7Lite RT. Thank you. Trying it now ... This is a trick isn't it? And most importantly will Windows digest during updates that half of its components is missing and provide updates only to those that present.
  3. Where I can find - SausageHacker presents for vLite? Using - en_windows_7_home_basic_with_sp1_x86_dvd_u_676470.iso Also looking for someone who can help to build Win7 Home image to be later installed as Xen VM. Happy to pay for it. I will try but understand I have no knowledge in Win customisations. May take a lot of time which I do not have. Happy to do myself under your guidance too. We basically will use this image to install browsers - Chrome, Opera, IE9, Safari, FF to run Selenium tests. Need Windows update but should be disabled. All other services packages should be removed. If anyone interested - please pm me. I used as my version of Win 7 is from MSDN and attached ini file for vLite. My ini is based on but I did not use bat file. All is fine - can install on 4.9 partition with 900Mb free except I can not install a few updates KB2667402 and KB2621440 and can not update IE8 to IE9. Have update error 80073712 and can not understand what is a problem from Win update log file. Even loaded IE install will not work. Questions - did I remove too much, was it because MSDN, should I have used not only vLite but also bat files? Too many questions Basically - stuck. Should I use MMX-R2 or try to dig into intricacies of vLite + bat spells? Any word of advice is appreciated very much. Thank you, Igor tada4.ini