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  1. I want another language with en-us when windows is running. Can you change language via alt+shift
  2. Dism /image:c:\mount /add-package /PackagePath:C:\WinPE_Lang\ error message: Error: 0x800f081e The specified package is not applicable to this image. The DISM log file can be found at C:\Windows\Logs\DISM\dism.log
  3. I extract boot.wim index:1 from windows pe to inseart language package via following command /add-package but appear for me error message Please I need help (how I can add language to windows pe
  4. Maybe there is software that remove hard disk password. I removed bettry, jumb in bios, but problem is still.
  5. cpu model: acer s680g
  6. Hi, Does there are any solutions for this problem.
  7. Hi, I need win 8.1 professional 32 bit iso. can any one help me??
  8. hi, how to change system locale in win 8.1 via regedit
  9. hi I have win8.1 pro iso. How I can knwo if my iso is single language or no What is comand ?? dism ????
  10. Hi my friends, I need Office Professional Plus 2010 key for 30 trail days, Please help me,
  11. hi, I forget password elitepad ,, how to reset or remove password. only appear for me password hint y111
  12. Hard disk locked (enter password) in BIOS I remove jumper and bettry but password still exist. Can any one help me
  13. Hi, I can not install Kaspersky endpoint security 10 in my pc because of fatal error. When I install kasper as admin in last installation appear following message installation ended prematurely because of a fatal error <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< win 8 pro 64 bit ram 6gb I 5 HDD FREE SPACE 150 GB
  14. because I am beginner.
  15. I do not have office 2013 therefore I can not compare between them.