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  1. -X- Been long time from here. Your website read "Internet Explorer 8 If you want to slipstream Internet Explorer 8, download this add-on creator and replace the updates mentioned in footnotes 4, 5, 6 and 13. Where is footnote 13 ?
  2. -X- Do you know right off hand if there has been any additional updates after your August 14 changelog ? (Latest Patch Tuesday Update: August 14, 2012) ..and thank you for updating again.
  3. Oh, I forget WGA doesn't show up in list -oops - wasn't thinking correctly.
  4. No I mean, I haven't made a new install cd with those 2 updates yet but they never showed up on wu.
  5. Thank you. Question: You have these listed but WU isn't showing those in my list or even when I hit update. "no high priority,etc.." Any Ideas ?
  6. I figured it was something along those lines. -X- I must donate today for your outstanding support, again,much appreciation for the updater and everything you have done Thus far. I put your website on my if you like,this CD creation would be much more difficult without the updater -sheesh - would be a nightmare for me because I would have to figure out how to do the changlog and learn how to make compatible .cabs . I think I know how to make simple ones from the information provided in this thread (a link) by either you or submix8c,but this I have not tested yet.
  7. Thank you -X-, for updating updater again. Question: Why is update 'KB2718704' dated at 5/31/2012 when the update that just came out (KB2698365) dated at 5/28/2012 ?
  8. What is the "unattended txt" for in the i386 folder ? It deosn't even have the same product key as does the winnt.sif file that is also in there. (OEM/before I do anything to source) I know to replace the winnt.sif file with the one I make with deployment tool but is it better to keep "unattended.txt" in there like I have always done ? Any reason to remove it ?
  9. I download the file then extract to desktop. Then I extract the infs from data cab 1 and move them to the XP folder with the cat files and point the infs in the xp folder to nlite.
  10. I just got a dell dimention 2400 for 25 bucks from neighbor /with Xp home.. Service Tag: GW6DX51 and chipset say 'System chip set Intel 845GV' . So I go to intel and find this here Im done with dimention 4600, that cd works perfect. Im getting dell lattitude laptop soon with xp pro but couldn't refuse dimention 2400 for 25 bucks. EDIT: Sorry for confusion.
  11. So it doesn't really matter which one I use when integrating in nlite,correct ? No not your Mistake -X-, I forgot to run the .bat file before I threw it in nlite.. I realized my mistake and edited my post..
  12. What is difference between infinst_enu.exe and infinst_autol.exe ?
  13. Edit: Made mistake
  14. Thank you -X- !!! Edit: You guys are the best.... You and Submix8c are really know your computer science.
  15. Thanks to you for that information submix8c. Had power outage (Maryland) just restored power today. Question. Would it be preferable to leave update engine out of integration until new engine here ?