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  1. Here im again. I gave up trying. I sent back my comp where i bought it. They did not found anything wrong. When i got it back did the same things. Fresh windos, but only just 1 driver for Lan. Then i started to torrenting. Then i started to using DPC Latency checker. The problem is gone. Interresting. What is the difference? - new uTorrent, 3.2 not 3.1.2, and totally new torrents - still windows soundcard driver - intel inf, intel mei, intel rapid storage drivers still not installed - nod32 antivirus and not AVG - new ATI driver, when the problem was on my comp still just 12-4 release, and now there is a new one, 12-6 This is what are the differences atm. (And sry for my English again.)
  2. do you run LatencyMOn at the same time? Yes.
  3. Reinstalled the program n its working again. There here is the dpc file: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7161077/DPC/DPC_Interrupt.rar I hope u can say me some solution.
  4. I dont know what i changed whit the xperf, but when i started it, it makes just the same size of that .etl? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7161077/DPC/DPC_Int.etl
  5. I tried to made that report, but im not sure it's done. I uploaded 3 files: 1. kernel.etl : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7161077/DPC/interrupts.etl 2. interrupts.etl : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7161077/DPC/interrupts.etl 3. picture from latencymon : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7161077/DPC/highdpc.jpg I totally gave up now
  6. Today i went to my friend and i tried the router, but there was the same result. We tried almost everyting, but nothing change. Then we deleted the OS, and update the SSD firmware. Now i have almost the same problem. Almost. Still i have high latency, but only the freezes are gone. I dont know it can be "normal" or not. At this picture im doing several things at the same time. Downloading, around 950 Kb/s, watching a film, chating whit my friend, and installing AVG. That 2 high red result made after i started to install AVG. Then high latency gone again. Can it be normal? Or this is still a problem. As i told, the freeze are gone. Edit: i dont know why did not load my image there here is the link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/78zjmpoi45bw58g/dpc_high.jpg UPDATE: to bad, but already had a sound freeze, but also when i installed a program.
  7. Btw, the problem is appear when i'm downloading, using utorrent, but when im just simple surfing, there is not that high dpc latency, or 1 sec freeze or didnt notice yet :]
  8. How do you connect to the internet? Do you really need RASPPPoE? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RASPPPoE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Point-to-Point_Protocol_over_Ethernet Im using a CableLan, n connect whit a wired modem, and im using the dial up all the time when im connecting to the internet. Rasppoe.sys is a system file isnt it? Should i try a wireless router whit a wireless lancard or wireless usb adapter?
  9. Hello guys, (first of all sry for my English) i have the same problem here, high latency, when im using the internet. Until i'm using my comp offline there isn't problems, after i connect n try to download something, or turn on the uTorrent, spikes are comming. I tried almost everyting, new windows, new drivers, (Bios, chipset, lan...), i got a new lancard also. When installed it first time, it goes very well, but after a restart spikes appear again. I downloaded that LatencyMon, and it says the problem is whit raspppoe.sys ! But i dont know what to do whit it, i tried to replace it, but it is protected and i cant change that. This is really annoying now... What should i do?